Limited Warranties

Batteries are warranted for 6 months. Watch Repairs vary depending on job done, the range is from 90 days to 1 year. You’ll be notified of warranty period before job begins.
Water Resistancy is never guaranteed unless specifically stated.  We do in most cases note inconsistencies in the watch seals and if there’s a solution and the costs.
Normal wear and tear, aka Benefit of Use.  Damages caused by dropping or hitting the watch against hard surfaces will not be covered. Any alterations, manipulations or repairs not done by our shop is also not covered. We reserve the right to determine if an item is under warranty or not

Service Guideline we adhere to.

If you’ve paid more than $2,000 US for your watch we may choose not to service it.
Watch repair is not as complicated as you’re lead to believe.  Most experienced watchmakers, and recent graduates are capable of repairing any time keeping device thrown at them.  Hundreds of different movements were produced from the late 1800’s into the 1980's.  After that a slew of quartz movements, several dozen mechanicals were re-introduced and some new creative approaches to watch movement design. Otherwise, nothing much new under the sun. 

We repair watches that keep costs and turn-around times reasonable.  For example, we no longer service pocket watches, chronographs, and complications (these are now separate disciplines and membership organizations like AWCI and NAWCC can help you locate them).

Watch Repair you can Trust

You do like your broken watch and it needs some attention.  We offer repair services for your mechanical or quartz timepieces.  We’ll even do partial jobs—work that doesn’t require extensive overhauls. 

 Send us an email, or call us telling us the make and model of your watch, what you believe the problem is and we’ll start the estimate process.  We will have to see the watch to us for a more complete and final evaluation. 

Some of the work we do.

  • Cleaning, Overhauls, Adjustments

  • Modification for many Brands. New Dials, Hands, Crystals 
  • Crystal: Sapphire, Mineral and Special Cuts

  • Crowns

  • Case Polishing

  • Water Pressure Testing

  • Watch Band Repair

  • Movement exchange

  • Dials Refinishing

  • Clasp Replacement

In business in Hawaii since 1995.  We operate at the wholesale level by doing repairs for Jewelry and Watch Stores, Department​ Stores and many places where watches are sold.  

We only do wholesale pricing.  We do not compete with the name brand service centers -- they often charge at the retail level.  

Shipping Address:


2092 Kuhio Ave #1702 Honolulu, HI 96815


Watch Collections

From Independent watch designers to classic vintage era pieces.  Watches that are unique and reminiscent. 

Watch Repair, partial and complete.

  • Clean, Overhauls, Adjustments
  • Crystal replacement
  • Stem/Crown Pressure Test.
  • Case and Band Repair

The Watch Repair Shop

Oahu, Hawaii 808-382-9871